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Jon Hagen - C.E.O & Co Founder at ProChat24

It’s estimated that on average, auto dealerships can lose up to 5,000 sales opportunities a month. Website visitors are more likely to abandon a site that has not taken any type of real time interaction with a prospect, from the beginning that they start searching what they are looking for.
Seems a waste, when one consider how much time, effort and cost may have been brought in so prospective clients would look at the website from the start.
As with any business, a website is created for a reason, especially within the auto retail industry, and in most cases a great deal has been invested, when you consider the amount of work involved in making the site look attractive.
Based on the studies that have been conducted, it is estimated that more people are continuing to look at the internet as a source of research, as to the past activities that they may have been done, such as, looking through the free ad’s, visiting various dealerships etc. 90% of a websites audience are therefor said to be truly in the market for the product or service they are in need of.
But here is another interesting fact, only around 59% of those website viewers actually have the ability to make a purchase, may that be through having the cash already available or going through some form of lending. I am sure that all of who are reading would agree that great strategies and tactics to keep that 59% engaged is needed, so that visitors start buying into the sales process.
Through integrating a professional live chat service on a website, it has shown to help drive prospective buyers into visiting a dealership. Long gone are the days of when somebody is having to trail from one dealership to another, trying to find the vehicle they want at the best offer they can get.
A professional live chat service should be able to convey across the message on behalf of a dealership, making the prospective buyer feel comfortable by fully engaging and answering any questions that are needed to be addressed. At the same time the live chat operator should be able to gather important information that will help the dealership with their sales process, so once a site visitor comes into the dealership, the sales representative have everything in place.
The fact of the matter is, good live chat support services are always going to be a part of a dealerships website, if a dealership wants to retain or grow their market share from the internet. Figures support this, especially from our point of view as a professional live chat support provider. Out of the 59% that are filtered through our operatives, around 80% actually visit the dealerships we act on behalf of. This means that out of every 100 chat conversations held, 42 genuine perspectives will walk into a dealership we represent.
For more information on how we can help your auto dealership obtain a successful LIVEchat service, contact us on +1 (586) 2767-888, email info@prochat24, where we would be more than willing to assist you through every step.