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Our operator can read your customer’s mind using ProChat24. Everything that a website visitor is typing within the ProChat24 support window is visible, even if they don’t send it over. Message sneak-peek allows us to both prepare your answer and discover other problems that normally would go unnoticed .

Canned responses

We don’t have to type in the same answer over and over again. We work smart by creating a canned response: a pre-made answer to a popular question that can be recalled with just a few keystrokes. We save time by creating canned responses for discount information, you’re pricing and links to specific places on your website.


ProChat24 provides your business all the necessary visitor information needed to close a sale or solve a support case, for example visitor’s location. Each chat will be closed with a website visitor survey, asking for information your business may require such as their email, phone number or any other crucial pieces of information, this way your business will not have to ask for it as ProChat24 at has already successfully obtained it.


Tagging your chats will provide your business access to a whole new level of customer data. By adding a short label to a chat, your business will be able to look up statistics for a particular type of inquiry or sale only. Example, your business may want to check what the current customer satisfaction levels for LIVEchat’s are. You will know exactly which inquiry's or sales are the hardest and require some extra time to handle.


Both our LIVEchat experts and your website visitors can use ProChat24 to exchange files. No need to use irritating links or email attachments. Simply drag and drop a file in to the ProChat24 window. ProChat24 will do all the rest. Using Dropbox to manage the files your business wants to share? No worries, ProChat24 Support Services have an integration for that too!


When addressing returning website visitors, ProChat24 professionals always need to check up on previous communication to ensure the best service. With ProChat24, all previous chats are readily available in the chat window. No need to switch back and forth between the chat and the archives.


All chats are stored and can be accessed later on. Using rich filtering options, ProChat24 will be able to quickly find conversations that include a certain phrase, were handled by a particular LIVEchat agent or if it happened during a specified time frame.


Our LIVEchat experts work as a team and exchange chats when necessary. Its extra handy when your business may encounter cases that only a particular member of the team can handle.


Your business, our LIVEchat experts and your website visitors can get whole conversations for future reference by sending them to a specified email address.


Our LIVEchat experts can easily deal with disruptive visitors by blocking their access to your ProChat24 for a set amount of time.


ProChat24’s team of designers will intergrade your LIVEchat window as part of your website, using ProChat24 CCS customization options. Each part of the LIVEchat window can be customized to make it work with the rest of your website’s design.


You can choose from four distinct styles when choosing the look for your LIVEchat window. After picking a style, you can change the color of the chat window to make it blend in with the colors on your website.


We display your company logo within the chat window to let your website visitors recognize that they are contacting the right people. The extra trust is especially important if you are managing transactions or handling vital information over LIVEchat support service.


LIVEchat window messages can be adjusted to make them more relevant for you company. For example, you can change the LIVEchat window label from the generic ‘Chat with us’ to ‘Schedule a sale’ to let visitors know what the purpose of your chat is .


What a better way to greet international clients than in their own language? Your LIVEchat window will allow your business to translated into 40 languages, which will allow you to greet both domestic and international website visitors in their native tongue.


With a bit of CSS magic, you can easily change any part of the LIVEchat window, both in terms of looks as well as behavior. To get you started, ProChat’s engineers have prepared a selection of material for the LIVEchat window configuration. We’ll also be glad to help adding more as you require!


Simply add you’re businesses Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile address in the settings and your website visitors will be able to reach your fan page straight from chat.


We increase the chances of chatting with your website visitors. Make your chat more visible by adding an eyecatcher and chat buttons. Chat invitations will help us reach visitors automatically.


ProChat24 can detect when visitors take certain actions on your website and issue chat invitations based on those actions. For example, you can set up an invitation with a help offer that will trigger when a visitor has seen several of your help pages. Apart from the initial setup, everything related to those invitations will happen automatically.


To complement your use of automatic chat greetings, we can issue personal, on-demand chat invitations to visitors on your website. This feature allows to us engage valuable prospects that would otherwise leave your website without chatting.


We make sure your visitors can always spot our chat window by using a custom eye-catcher. The eye-catcher is a graphic that draws extra attention to your ProChat24 pop-up. You can either use an eye-catcher from our gallery of ready-made graphics or upload your own eye-catcher that would go in line with your website’s style and design.


You can choose a chat window that is embedded on your website and follows the visitor around when he or she switches pages. It works great if you want to make help always available. The other option is to use the pop-up chat window, which opens in a separate browser window. Pick this window type if you want to keep the chat and your website separate.


Buttons are a less invasive way of providing a chat option to your visitors. They work great for pages where the visitor decides if he or she needs help via chat, for example a self-service support page.


At any point during a chat, your customers can use the intuitive ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ buttons to rate the service. Chat ratings show the agents if they are doing a good job and give you valuable information on the state of your customer service.


When rating an agent, visitors can leave short comments that give you additional information on what went right or wrong during a chat.