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Advanced 24 hour livechat support designed and made for auto dealerships

Posted on 8th Aug 2017

ProChat24 Automotive


ProChat24 hour livechat support services will turn your website visitors into customers through integrating a blend of expertise and technology, designed to bring your dealerships website more quality sales leads than what the “normal out dated” competition can deliver.


Although chat support was most probably intended to contribute towards generating sales leads and actual live website sales for businesses, it is now contributing towards 40% of website chat inquires for US businesses.

For businesses that currently thinking of introducing a 24 hour livechat support service onto their current website, they can expect a 40% - 60% increase in business coming from their website, food for thought if a business wants to increase its market share.

The most important thing a company must realize, is that it’s not down to the number of sales leads generated, it’s more to do with the quality that is provided by a livechat provider. Being able to capture and identify what a website prospect needs are, is the key, so that sales leads and live website sales will grow to a lucrative level that a business can enjoy.

For more information on how ProChat24 livechat services can help your company in either setting up a new 24 hour livechat support window or improving what your website currently has, at a more attractive rate, please feel free to contact us.