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Benefits from having a 24 hour livechat service

Posted on 8th Aug 2017

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The advantage of having a 24 hour livechat website service online, is that it will create a strong engagement platform that runs in real-time. More businesses are experiencing just how cost effective it can be as their websites are now generating more business for either online sales in general or lead generation and in store visits, when using a reliable a 24 hour livechat website support service.

livechat services are often related or seen as similar to mobile phone texting, meaning that website prospects visiting a business’s website feel more comfortable using a 24 hour livechat support service. In today’s modern world, most consumers want information in an instant. They want to avoid calling companies for a number of reasons, such as nobody is answering their call, they keep being passed from department to department, they don’t like going through a telephone system that keeps prompting them to press numbers etc., something I am sure most of us have experienced.

Ask any professional 24 hour livechat service provider, what is the most important ingredient to their service more than likely they will say it’s their team members, the actual chat support agents. When taking on an agent the 24 hour livechat support vendor should be looking at how well a candidate can communicate instantly and chat in a way that will grab the website prospects attention, are they a subject matter expert in the service they going to represent, have they got previous experience or do they have the potential to be trained up to be a first class 24 hour livechat support team member.

A 24 hour livechat support team member must be able to respond within 30 seconds and instantly answer a website visitors question in a human way, not in a canned robotic fashion. Interaction and attention to detail are paramount, as they will portray the professionalism of any business, after all, the 24 hour livechat team member is acting on behalf of a business.

As 24 hour livechat support service providers, we look for 24 hour livechat support team members that can be assigned in representing a company and have the ability to ensure that accurate answers will be given to the website visitor. All 24 hour livechat support team members must be enthusiastic, have the ability to personalize a session when appropriate, can write and construct a conversation so it flows, and are very converse with the ProChat24 hour livechat support system they are using after training.

For more information on how ProChat24 hour livechat support services can help your business in either setting up a new 24 hour livechat support window or improving what your business currently has, at a more attractive rate, please feel free to contact us today.