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Choosing the right livechat support for your website

Posted on 8th Aug 2017

live chat support


Finding the right livechat provider for your website is essential, as will strengthen the contribution towards your sales results. On average a good livechat service provider will be able to contribute up to an extra 40% towards on your overall sales. With an ever increasing growth in website visitors looking to buy from a website or just shopping around for a deal because of the many benefits they receive, such as it can be more convenient for the shopper - saving them time, because they can either do their research from the comfort of their home or office. Same applies for your business because it reduces your overall overheads and saves a lot of time.

With using experienced and trained livechat support teams, this goal can be achieved. More than adequate coverage should also be looked into, especially when it comes to peak visitation times that are currently trending in between the hours of 9PM – 12AM for most businesses websites.

More website visitors are also using other methods of searching or purchasing from the internet through using mobile devices such as IPhones, android tablets etc. It is important to find a livechat provider that can provide coverage for this area, otherwise your business could lose out on important opportunities that could otherwise be lost simply because a chat support service cannot cater to the website visitor’s device.

ProChat24 have published a PDF showing the features that their service covers and can be obtained by emailing