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Is your businesses website getting true value from its chat service provider?

Posted on 7th Aug 2017


When talking with business owners, one of the main areas of concern is about the user-end experience. This has to be taken into consideration of whether a chat service provider can customize the support window a dealerships prospective will be using during the LIVEchat session.

ProChat24 does cater to this and when a new client joins them, they have one of their graphic designers come up with some design options that will meet up to the client’s expectations

“We design the windows to match the overall look and feel of your businesses website. The chat window does not open outside of the site as well, it opens within the site and can be minimized and moved around. Also, if you compare us to most of the other vendors, a lot of them operate an offsite chat window, so when a prospect click’s on the businesses chat support window, it takes the website prospect to a new window off the website. This can be a problem, as it can be easily forgotten once the customer goes back to surfing the website” Mentioned ProChat24’s Quality Director Jason Bert

ProChat24 however we have an onsite chat support window that remains within the frame of your website and will match a company’s website theme and color, so not only does it look tasteful, but also it looks like a part of the website.

For more information about ProChat24 and how they can help your business improve its overall performance and looks when it comes to LIVEchat support, please feel free to contact us anytime.