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LIVEchat support that will be your websites biggest sales ally

Posted on 7th Aug 2017


ProChat24 are offering all interested dealerships a demonstration on how their LIVEchat services work. The demonstration will show how the dealerships website will look with the ProChat24 LIVEchat window, along with what a website visitor will experience when chatting with one of ProChat24’s LIVEchat operatives.

With the added benefit of being able to integrate any lead information onto any dealerships CRM, the great value for money LIVEchat support service, is able to close down on average 80% of qualified website visitors.

“We understand that not all website visitors are in the position to purchase and this is where our service is very unique, as our highly trained LIVEchat operatives have the ability to funnel the genuine from the non-genuine buyers” mention Abraham Zaheer, VP of ProChat24.

The whole process has been designed to be set up very quickly and painless, as ProChat24 understand the importance of having such a website tool set up easily.

“Saving time in business is essential and by having the ability to find out who is in the market to purchase a vehicle, book a service or purchase a spare part can be done as all our operatives,  have the experience in doing so. Many have worked within the chat support industry from the time it had begun, all ProChat24 operatives communicate like human beings instead of giving the usual robotic canned response that most providers do within our industry” commented Jason Bert, the Quality Director of ProChat24.

ProChat24 also offer a free limited time trial, where a dealership can set up a LIVEchat window within their website for 15 days. Changes, amendments and fine tuning can be done and will cost a dealership not a penny extra after they have decided to use our LIVEchat service.

“We offer a fixed price and unlimited usage to all dealerships, which includes some fantastic technological features that our competition do not use as of yet. One being the ability to have a LIVEchat window that works on all applications, so no matter if your website prospect is on a cellphone, tablet or PC, a ProChat24 operative can communicate 24/7 with them, thus not losing one given opportunity in generating extra sales revenue for your dealership.” Said Jon Hagen, President of ProChat24.

ProChat24’s next cool feature, is  whereupon a dealership will not lose a potential client, as the ProChat24 LIVEchat window stays within the dealerships website, as to popping out and having the disadvantage of being lost or even worse, being blocked by the website visitors pop blockers on their browser, which incidentally happens a lot.

To find our more or arrange for a live demonstration and a possible free trial, contact us now.