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Protecting your businesses website

Posted on 8th Aug 2017

Pro Protect

One of the most frustrating things a website visitor these days will find, is when they are after information at the time a business is closed. Already having probably to cope with a modern life style and not having the time to shop around for a product or service during normal opening hours, can influence a website prospect whether or not they want to visit a business or make an online purchase.

So having a 24 hour LIVEchat support system in place is vital for any business who wants to capitalize on using their website as part of their strategic marketing arm. Especially if your competition down the road may already have it in place, taking away clients from your business.

ProChat24 LIVEchat is designed to help your website visitors find the information they need. Website visitors starting a discussion will want a simple answer that is straight to the point for any questions they may have, whether it be for a product they are interested in purchasing, a service they need. Questions may come at the hours a business is not open.

For more information on how ProChat24 hour LIVEchat services can help your business in either setting up a new 24 hour LIVEchat support window or improving what your business currently has, at a more attractive rate, please feel free to contact.